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All of my experiences with Beth have been beyond exceptional. She immediately clears any unwanted negative energy, creating a safe space so that you feel comfortable throughout your entire session. Within minutes I was able to open up without feeling any judgment and knew that she genuinely cared about me as a person, not just a client.

Beth’s ability to explain your data and break it down so that it is easily understood and the added bonus of supplying you with the handouts to look back on made the entire experience that much better. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and a genuine soul, but the data provided has been spot on since day one.”

If you were to ask me if I ate healthy before meeting with Beth, I would have said “Yes, definitely”.  I rarely eat fast food, I don’t over eat, and drink lots of water.  What I found was that although my food didn’t come from a fast food chain, it wasn’t exactly healthy options and not overeating, really meant not eating enough of the good foods and filling the gaps with snacks. 

With Beth’s suggestions and reviews with her I found I wasn’t eating enough and some of my choices could be replaced with healthy options.  Now I have to admit, I still can’t give up my coffee or the creamer I put in it, but I know that is ok.  I’m aware now of the healthier replacement options.  With minor changes in what I eat, plus being aware of when to eat them I have found more energy in my day and a healthier outlook on my food choices. 

I recently had a Biometric Health Screening through my employer and saw dramatic differences in my overall numbers, with decrease in my blood sugar levels and cholesterol.  Thanks Beth for showing me that a busy mother of two with a full time job can find time to make little changes that impact herself and her family.”

When I went to see Beth, for my Destiny Cards Reading, I was still very new to the whole experience and idea of what it all meant. Knowing Beth, and the energy that she emanates to those around her, I trusted that what she was doing might provide me with some more insight into where the path that I was presently on, might be leading me. In a time of so much change and indecision in my life, I was searching for a beacon of some sort…and I can be honest, and say that I was not certain this was it, but I was ready and willing to try!

After sitting down with Beth, I immediately felt calm and comfortable…and reassured…that something more than myself was at play. The reading that we had done (yearly), reflected much on the past year as well, and it was SO ACCURATE, that I was honestly a little blown away. Beth helped to explain SO much of what was being read to me, and I left with a great sense of comfort and interest in understanding even more about Myself, my specific card, and all that goes with it.

To be in the presence of a person who is so kind, energetically charged, and knowledgeable in her areas, is infectious and hopeful. I would highly recommend a Destiny Cards reading to anyone…and especially those who are trying to just understand, with a little more depth, about themselves and what there capabilities just might be. Thank you, Thank you Beth, for the amazing person that you are.”

I’m a very active 45 y/o professional male with teenage children and the typical stresses we all experience, so I’m always seeking opportunities to improve my human performance physically and mentally.  I was eating healthy most of the time with cheats here and there, but sharing my food journal with Beth (and completing a very thorough survey) resulted in improvement suggestions that I could easily implement.  A few of the simple adjustments were adding grass-fed beef back to my food plan, reminder to drink more water and slight add/delete to vitamin/supplements.  These simple, non-costly changes are contributing factors to my improved sleep patterns, energy levels and overall performance.  Beth was friendly, passionate and compassionate. 

Regarding the Destiny Cards, over the years I have always had an interest, or curiosity, with Destiny cards and, like many, had my skepticism.  Beth was very helpful as she educated me with respect to the readings with no pressure to purchase her services.  That said, once I was educated I wanted to see my results.  I provided Beth with some basic upfront information, she gathered the data and ultimately presented me with the results verbally as well as a nice written summary that I could easily understand.  I should note that the data gathering and correlation was done without me present, so there was no reading body language or leading questions.  Needless to say, I was blown away by how accurate the reading was for the past 6+ months, especially considering Beth was not informed of my life details.  I was very pleased with the experience, the ‘blessons’ I received from the results and will not hesitate to schedule another session in the future.”

I found Beth to be very personable when it came to my Destiny Card reading. She was a consummate professional with her approach and delivery. Much of what she was able to tell me was not only true, but also very eye opening. The experience allowed me the knowledge and self-understanding for making better decisions. Everything was explained, and outlined very clearly. It was nice to be able to walk away with so much information and have a great reference for the future.”

I have met with Beth to review my nutritional habits. I’m sure it will take a long time to change years of bad habits. I’ve eaten more blueberries in the last month than I did in the previous three decades. I never realized how good they were. I also tried coconut butter and I’m on the 3rd jar in 6 weeks. My snack is now organic blueberries and coconut butter, instead of bread and butter.

My discussions with Beth also prompted me to research supplements, which led me to vitamins and research that shows vitamins are a $16B a year industry and they cause many problems in the body and deplete good minerals and vitamins, that is why whole food supplements are so important. Next on my list to start addressing. The journey of healthful eating is a marathon not a sprint and over time my habits will continue to improve. By making some small nutritional changes I have lost over 10 pounds after about 8 weeks and I am sustaining it. Thank you Beth.”

Beth completed a mapping of my Destiny Cards.  She provided a thorough and comprehensive report that was so spot on I couldn’t believe how it had me pegged.  There was helpful information that validated my recent decisions and provided a level of comfort that I was indeed on track.  Knowing the relationship of all this information to my life continues to give me assurance and confidence. After reading the report and discussing it with Beth I set it aside. 

In the past 2-months something remarkable occurred.  I received a call out of the blue wanting to buy a rental home I had.  It wasn’t on the market but they wanted it because of the location.  We agreed a price and closing date for October 20th.  I got to thinking about the dates in the Destiny Card report and I went back and sure enough it stated that on October, 20 I would receive money from real estate!  I enjoy working with Beth and have recently asked her to do a report for my daughter and I also plan to have an annual update!  Beth is the real deal!”

Energy does not lie. I was lucky enough to meet Beth in a personal and creative setting. I was immediately drawn to her magnetic presence. After talking with her over the course of two days, I was completely fascinated by her. She is the most incredibly grounded spirit with such insight and knowledge. In addition to her warm and loving way with others, I knew I needed to work her spiritually when I was blown away by her perception and light.

What I most appreciate about Beth  is her ability to combine well researched data with spirit and intuition. So far removed from the ungrounded and silly spiritual folks who tend to give energy workers a bad reputation, Beth uses her strong intellect and deeply connected spirit to best guide you to connect with your own. After one session with Beth, I have such a clearer picture of my own work and gifts I carry and feel so supported to follow my path.

If you have the opportunity to work with Beth, you will greatly benefit as she lovingly guides you back home to yourself.”

When you are ready to transform.
When you are ready to heal. 
When you are ready to improve your mind, body and spirit. 
When you are ready to put in the hard work. 
When you are ready to take control of your body contact Beth at Equilibria Wellness.

Over the past year, I personally cannot thank Beth enough for all her positive encouragement and knowledge on how to eat properly to gain desired results. Beth is extremely passionate about helping people who want to gain an understanding of what food can do to the human body. Food is a power substance that can impact the body in many ways. Personally, I lost over 40 pounds in one year and it was all due to Beth’s guidance. She provides the tools and understanding necessary for everyone to achieve their results. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed when they did. I am a better person for it. Equilibria Wellness will help you to bring the balance to your life that you have been seeking.”

I am so grateful that I found Beth. She is a very gifted intuitive with amazing teaching abilities and a heart to serve and love others along their paths to find their life purpose.

My heart led me to Beth when I was ready to use her Destiny Card reading data to leverage my strengths and weaknesses and to be able to have a better understanding of my personality and gifts…all of these things for my life purpose and to live out my goals and dreams. 

Beth’s data confirmed everything that I knew to be true about the things that I love about myself, and the things that I struggle within myself the most. She gave me a deep understanding of why I do the things that I do, why I fall back into old habits and patterns, and how to *change* those for the better, by using my personality and gifts, and being my most TRUE self! 

Her ability to teach the wisdom of the cards and her intuitive abilities made it so that I had a PLAN of *action AND direction* that is very useable and applicable to my daily life and challenges! —> have found, as a fellow intuitive health and life coach, that this piece is SO *essential* to being able to accomplish my goals and dreams, and to be able to live a life full of peace, joy, and love – for myself and my world!

These things are all very important to me, and Beth has been an instrumental part of my journey in these ways! If you are curious about doing a Destiny Card reading with Beth, I encourage you to follow that curiosity in your heart and meet with her! If you desire to know yourself deeper, love yourself deeper, see your life as a spectacular ADVENTURE, gain beneficial & specific guidance & insight for your life’s journey, and have a guiding light along your way, Beth is that light and she’s the one to see! You will gain a trusted advisor, and a loving friend. You will be SO glad you took this leap of faith. I will be forever grateful that I invested in Beth!  Thank you so much, Beth!

P.s. I look over my data printout frequently, sometimes daily, because there is so much wonderfully juicy information that I still use daily to keep myself on track and work on my “homework” from it, as I am a self-help, self-love, enjoy-my-life-to-the-fullest junkie! ”

I’m now several months working with Plant Spirit Medicine through Beth, and the journey has been surreal, with many subtle way points to reference, and a personal evolution that is most liberating. The well-being of my mind, body and spirit has improved in ways that have led to a steadily improving/awakening version of me. Beth is a gifted healer who is helping to bring much needed balance into my life. I am forever appreciative.”

Equilibria Wellness is a wonderful place to regain your center and focus on your place in the world. Beth has incredible knowledge of the Destiny Cards and is very skillful and takes her time in working to help you gain a complete understanding of your Karma and Dharma.

Most important to fulfill your true destiny! Beth exudes a Peacefulness and Light during her consultations, and when leaving you feel refreshed with a determination to meet your next challenges with a greater understanding towards mastering your life’s lessons. She truly is a Gifted Magi.”

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