Plant Spirit Medicine is how the Shaman works and interacts with plants, calling upon the amazingly regenerative and healing power of the plant spirits. It places importance on the relationship between the plants, the healer, and the client.

A PSM healer looks at the whole person — seeing all they have to offer, with no judgment or disapproval. Seeing a person solely in this way provides the ability to determine the root of a person’s imbalance, and then leverage the use of the appropriate plants to provide them what is needed for wellbeing in their body, mind, and spirit.

Beth has received extensive training via the Plant Spirit Medicine Seminary as a Certified Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner. She studied with Eliot Cowan, a fully initiated Tsaurirrikame (shaman) in the Huichol Indian tradition, and founder of the Blue Deer Center.

She has been inducted into the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing as a Lay Spiritual Healer and is also a member of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association (PSMA).

Plant Spirit Medicine
Plant Spirit Medicine | Beth Fuller

Plant Spirit Medicine is a deeply effective and elegant form of healing that touches a person’s heart, mind, and body. Our ancestors existed this way – there was no illusion of separation from nature. Plant Spirit Medicine restores the person to this state of grace.

“Come listen to Eliot Cowan as he sits around Sacred Fire sharing his knowledge
regarding the deep healing capacity of plants, and how they promote and restore balance.”

“Plant spirit medicine works partially because it has broad perspective. It does not look only through the eyes of physics and chemistry; it sees human beings as expressions of divine natural forces. It plumbs the human mind and emotions. It gives paramount importance to spirit, the mysterious core of our lives.”
Eliot Cowan
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