Called The Book of Life, The Destiny Cards hold information similar to that of astrology, numerology, as well as Tarot. However, there is no need to lay the cards like you would in the cardology that the Gypsies use. This ancient method has been handed down since the beginning of time – and exists in the simple deck of 52 playing cards. This incredible system resembles our own calendar in the following ways:

  • The 52 cards in the deck correspond to the 52 weeks in the year
  • The 4 suits correspond to the 4 elements (earth, wind, fire, water)  as well as the 4 seasons
  • The 13 cards in each suit correspond to the 13 weeks in each season and the 13 moon cycles in each year
  • The 12 court cards (jacks, queens, kings) correspond to the 12 months in a year and the 12 signs of the zodiac
  • The black and red colors represent day and night and the feminine and masculine aspects
  • Add the numbers of the deck together (1+2+3, etc.), for a total of 364. Add the joker and the total is 365 = the number of days in the year.

Beth is a certified Magi Master, and a member of the Order of the Magi, an ancient and sacred organization. The Order of the Magi, the fellowship of esoteric scientists, sages, astrologers and teachers) were responsible for the preservation of this valuable and ancient system of self-understanding.

This system gives you practical and timely information regarding events and experiences that you are currently going through in your life, with who and why.

The Ace of Spades represents the power of the mystic. It is the ancient symbol for secret knowledge and The Order of the Magi. The most spiritual card in the deck, it represents ancient mysteries and transformation.

The cards lay out fate. How one “plays their hand” via free will outlines if the higher vibrational values of the cards are leveraged, or not. Information provided includes the following:

  • Karma (information from past lives)
  • Dharma (soul destiny in this life)
  • Lessons you need to learn from past and current lives
  • Soul family/connections (people you are destined to meet to learn lessons from,
    teach them, support on either side, or a combination of all)
  • Gifts that can be leveraged, brought forward from prior lives


As a certified Magi Counselor and an Ace of Spades, Beth possesses the wisdom and the unique ability to tap into spiritual realms.
The information is delivered via a supportive and comfortable 1:1 approach. Come see what she can offer you.

1½ hour 1:1 session: This in-depth reading is a deep dive into your past, present, and future. This includes a blend of astrology, numerology, and a thorough analysis of your Destiny Cards spreads. This combined data provides a roadmap to guide you in this lifetime in relation to challenges and lessons, people in your life, goals, and soul path destinies.

Your Destiny Awaits
Are you interested in understanding your soul path destiny? The major challenges you face in this lifetime and why? The people that come into your life and how to work with them?

Let’s talk – looking forward to hearing from you!

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