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The reason I am on this planet is to bring forth the ancient wisdom and ways in a manner that is comprehensive, down to earth and meaningful to people. I utilize a variety of methods to do this. Some are derived from my own personal life experience, others come from deep study of specific topics that I was called to learn. I have created a powerful method to help you become the very best version of you – based on your unique needs and specific goals.

I am a thought leader, a holistic wellness “food as medicine” advocate, a healer that transmutes Fear to Love. I am a writer, a motivational speaker, a mystic, an Oracle, a teacher. I am an INFJ empath and keeper of sacred data maps including the Destiny Cards and Akashic Records.

I am a claircognizant intuitive.
What I am not is a cheerleader or a hand-holder, a ra-ra coach or a babysitter. I’m not a “fitness girl”, or a personal trainer, a recipe gal, nor am I always filled with sunshine and rainbows.

I will tell it like it is.
If you are truly ready to heal and transform – I can help you achieve your goals. Albeit direct, I always aid and support you with your transformation process with the utmost compassion, respect and love.

In 2017 I literally walked on fire. This completely transformed my beliefs, how I see the world, how I present myself to the world, and shifted my perspective on life. It brought forth the ability to transmute and alchemize negative and self-limiting beliefs and ways of being. I embraced the hard work and leaned into the discomfort and fear of the hot coals so that I can now hold space for you and your sacred needs.

Here’s to transformation.


About Me Beth

Beth is a Certified Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner and a Lay Spiritual Healer- inducted into the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing, a Certified Nutritional Therapist - member of the NTA and Weston Price Foundation, A Certified Reiki Master in the art of Holy Fire Usui Reiki - member of the Reiki Membership Association, a Certified Magi Master: Destiny Cards - member of the ancient Order of the Magi, and a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner. Beth has also been initiated to relay to others the ancient ceremony of the13th rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb. She is a registered Womb Keeper.
My Story

My Story | About Beth

About Beth

Insomnia, allergies, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, rosacea, burning eyes, hair loss, brain fog, depression, constant headache. I was struggling with all of these — and the standard medical doctors couldn’t help me. In 2010 I finally hit rock bottom. I was overweight; miserable in my own skin. Unhappy inside and out. Health conditions really started to take their toll on my quality of life. It was then that I then decided to take matters into my own hands. I also started working with a gifted shamanic practitioner, who helped me to move forward with my life and become the person I am meant to be – leaving behind toxic situations and people and working to bring forth my light to the world, little by little over time.

Health-wise, initially I pared back on all foods that flared my conditions, trying to figure out what caused the issues. I got my diet in order – cutting out the chips, ice cream and other junk foods (and alcohol) that I had ingested to soothe my pain. Is a magnum bottle of wine a night for ten years a problem? It might be. I also did extensive research and worked to heal with natural supplementation, as well as reviewed holistic ways of life that would aid me on my healing journey. I then gradually added back in various healing foods, little by little. Slowly but surely I started to get better. I finally went back to Pilates. I also started TRX and using small amounts of free weights. Initially, a walk from one end of the gym to the other with bands left me winded and discouraged. I started to truly know myself, heal past wounds, as well as understand and practice self-love and self-care.

Soon, I started to feel better. Little by little the weight was coming off. I was mobile again. My mind was much clearer. I was focused. I was gaining physical stamina and spiritual confidence. I was freer and happier than I had been in years.

The gym I initially went to closed their doors. Then I met an amazing trainer, and started lifting weights consistently. My body started to take shape. My confidence soared. I was myself again – and much more. I even stepped on stage to compete in figure competitions (not once – but four times!). My life was mine again. Even more so than it had ever been before, as I was truly living in authenticity. Down from a size 22 to a size 00 (post show, I’m now a healthy size 2 and proud of it).

About Beth | Before

Then in 2014, during a very stressful time in my life various physical symptoms reappeared. Most were worse than they had ever been. I struggled to make it through the day. What could be wrong? I had done everything I could possibly think of to heal my gut and leverage food as medicine. I went to see a few holistic doctors that did little more than review symptoms, vs. working to find the root cause, indicating they would charge me outrageous amounts of money with no guarantee of any results. I refused to go down that path. My quality of life yet again degraded. I was not sure what I was going to do. I went back to a naturopathic doctor I had seen a few years prior, at this point desperate for an answer. It was then that I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme and also discovered that I had Epstein Barr virus, which had been hiding out in my organs and reappeared due to the emotional stress in my life. I felt very discouraged, as I thought I had solved my health issues. I also ended up with candida! Me — of all people, who had recently turned vegetarian and thought I was eating so healthy.

I went back to researching ways to heal myself naturally, starting again back at ground zero. I found a natural solution that targets parasitic, viral, fungal and bacterial conditions and realized that I did not necessarily have to know specifically what I was dealing with. I could heal myself with these tinctures without knowing the root cause. Within a few days, the headache and brain fog disappeared. Within a few months, I had enough energy to get through my day. I also healed my candida with an ancestral diet, which worked much better than a diet of only vegetables, beans and refined carbohydrates found in rice pasta and other starches. I blended in various other healing methods and supplements to work towards recovery, finding a targeted solution that works very well for me to this day.

About Beth | After

It was then that I found the Nutritional Therapy Association’s Nutritional Therapist Practitioner program. I decided to become a certified NTP to help others heal from a physical foundational perspective. It was a wonderful pairing, as I had already adopted the Weston Price Foundation philosophies into my life.

In addition to being an NTP, I am also a certified Magi Counselor in relation to the Destiny Cards, a Reiki Master in the art of Holy Fire Usui Reiki, a certified Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner applying the Chinese 5 elements and the spirit of plants to bring people back into emotional balance to achieve true health, a certified Akashic Records practitioner providing people with information to aid them in their lives, a certified Stone People Elixir practitioner, and a Medical Intuitive leveraging my various spiritual gifts to help people understand how to heal themselves. I also hold various workshops that are aimed to bring balance into people’s lives.

I truly believe that the journey I have experienced as a result of being overweight and unhappy with all aspects of my life, as well as having rosacea, Chronic Lyme, Epstein Barr and Candida, and finally reaching my “rock bottom” has provided me with a wealth of knowledge to help others to heal from many types of afflictions and to bring them back into balance – mind, body and soul.

~ Balanced Bytes ~
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