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Hi, I’m Beth Fuller, NTP, Reiki Master, Magi Master, PSM Practitioner ~ Welcome to Equilibria Wellness

With an unprocessed whole foods diet, targeted natural supplementation, and embracing a holistic way of living I’ve lost 70+ pounds, overcome Rosacea, Chronic Lyme and Epstein Barr, and completely transformed my life. You can read more about Beth’s story here.

Check out our video. A great overview of our offerings, philosophies, journey and what balance truly means to us.

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Equilibria Wellness Philosophy
Our goal at Equilibria Wellness is to bring back into balance that which is out of balance, resulting in a healthy, resilient and vital you. We accomplish this by bringing forth ancient wisdom and ways -- nourishing the body, mind and soul.
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Equilibria Wellness | My Story

I’m Beth, Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Magi Counselor, student of Plant Spirit Medicine (certification in the works!), nature lover, and eternal student of life.

My goal is to help teach you how to achieve vitality – mind, body and soul.  True well-being comes as a result of balance.  When a system, whether it be physical or emotional is out of balance, true health cannot be obtained.  I have learned this via my journey, and want to help you do the same.

I have developed what I refer to as the “Eat, Pray, Love” concepts, consisting in a nutshell of nourishing the body and soul, reflecting inward in various ways, and giving gratitude.  This is part of the system I utilize to restore health, and I would love to help you with your journey. Read More about Beth…

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Nutritional Therapy


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Clinical-grade essential oil blends for brain function

When your brain dysfunctions, you dysfunction. This can lead to
anxiety, digestion problems, trouble focusing, and inflammation. But
when your brain works optimally, you work optimally. This is the message of Meo Energetics:

You can change how your brain works.

The new science of neuroplasticity tells us we can change our brains.
This means the possibility that we can change our thinking, our
behavior, and our physical health.

Take a few minutes to learn about neuroplasticity and its incredible potential for healing:

Send us an e-mail to get a free 20 minute consultation, We’d love to speak with you!
No need to be concerned if you’re not local – We work remotely as well.
~We look forward to hearing from you.
~ Balanced Bytes ~
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